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  • Rennet

    The different types of “rennet” or milk coagulation enzymes are:• from animal origin• from GMO micro-organisms• Curdling enzymes from plants• Curdl...
  • Making of Jack Cheese

    Jack Cheese, sometimes known as Monterey cheese, originated in Monterey County, California. The first Jack cheese was made on a ranch twenty miles south of Monterey about 1892. The method grew out of a need for disposing of surplus milk at a small expense for equipment. the fact that it requires but little equipment, makes it a practical method on farms where only a small amount of milk is available.
  • Starter Cultures vs Adjunct(Secondary) Cultures

    Starter cultures are there to start off the process of cheese making and their first and primary job is to form lactic acid from the lactose to inh...
  • Cultured mozzarella vs citric acid(fast) mozzarella

    On YouTube, fast or 30 minute mozzarella seems to be the craze.   Stuff only works 1 out of 5 times.  The flops do not make it to YouTube ;-) So wh...
  • Testing your rennet and milk

    How many times have you started to make cheese only to not have the milk set?

    Is it the milk or is it the rennet?   Here's what I do:

    Heat half a cup of the milk you plan on using in the microwave to 35 Celsius (95 F) and add some rennet.  If it sets the rest will set and you are ready to go without the risking of losing all the milk.